Battlefleet Gothic – List & Close Ups

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FLEET LIST: 19 ships – 2495 pts

  • 1 Emperor Class Battleship: His Light – 365pts
  • 2 Mars Class Battlecruisers: War Lords Squadron – 540pts
  • 2 Lunar Class Cruisers: Stalwarts Squadron – 360pts
  • 2 Tyrant Class Cruisers, one with a Nova Cannon: Line Breakers – 390pts
  • 2 Gothic Class Cruisers: Night Watch Squadron – 360pts
  • 2 Dauntless Class Light Cruisers: Guardians Squadron – 220pts
  • 2 Firestorm Class Frigates: Light Bringers – 80pts
  • 3 Cobra Class Destroyers: Sun Fish Squadron – 90pts
  • 3 Cobra Class Destroyers: Pirahna Squadron – 90pts


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No items found
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