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A Charity Army by Steve McCuen

Steve joins the NOVA Open Charitable foundation artist consortium in 2014, bringing with him our first Flames of War army, and one of the largest ever offered!  He became involved via Eric Fontaine’s grass roots charity army campaign. The models are all from Battlefront Miniatures’ Flames of War 15mm line of figures. All of the tanks have magnetized turrets.  The Panzer IV objective piece turret is not glued in, so it can be positioned if desired.  These are weathered as if they have all seen some battle and are definitely NOT factory fresh!

WWII Panzer Lehr Army List (3000 Pts)

10x Panthers

1x Bergepanther recovery vehicle
(Capable of being an HQ and two platoons, or just 2 platoons)

10x Panzer IV
(Capable of being an HQ and two platoons, or just 2 platoons)

PanzerGrenadier HQ PLT with 3x Halftracks, with panzerschreck option

2x Platoons of PanzerGrenadiers with 4x halftracks (1 of which is has the 3cm antitank option) each in addition to panzerschreck options

2x 2cm AA

3x nebelwerfer rocket battery with support vehicles and spotter

2x Sd.Kfz. 251/9 – Schützenpanzerwagen (7.5 cm KwK37)

2x Sd.Kfz. 251/2 – Schützenpanzerwagen (Granatwerfer). 81 mm Mortar carrier


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