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Warhammer 40,000
Daemon Sword

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Daemon Weapons are gifts of the Gods of Chaos, used by Chaos Champions and Daemons. Bound (sometimes willingly) in the form of the weapon, and imprisoned there for an eternity, is the spirit of a Daemon. A Daemon Weapon is a sentient item that grants tremendous power to its wielder. It is often quite destructive and nearly all allow their bearers access to their daemonic senses, heightening their perceptions of their surroundings. The bound daemon, if it has not been driven to insanity by its imprisonment, can also counsel its bearer or even manipulate him.

The origins of Drach'nyen are a mystery to most, unknown perhaps even to Abaddon himself. Daemons speak of the blade in fear, calling it “The Thorn in Reality” or “The Shard of Madness.” It is a weapon that has existed long before the rise of Mankind.

Drach'nyen was born at the moment of the first murder - the first time a human killed another human outside of the need to survive. The name Drach'nyen, translated as “The End of Empires,” is an approximation of the scream of the first murderer and that of the brother he murdered.

This display prop would look fantastic in any game room. It is supported by a 3/4" pvc pupe running through the center epoxied in for extra support. The sword took 82 hours to print, and about 60 hours of sanding, filling, extra sculpting, and priming. Ryan Lawecki, of RMC Gaming, is well known for the passion he puts into getting the awesome detail that pretty much makes it indistinguishable as a 3d printed object

Join us in thanking Ryan Lawecki who enters his second year with the NOCF Artists’ Consortium.

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Created by Ryan Lawecki of  RMC Gaming
Painted by Alexander Good of  40K Showcase Studios


1x Daemon Sword, 4-foot tall

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Raffle proceeds will benefit Fisher House Foundation

The raffle for this item has concluded

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