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Warhammer 40,000
Captain Acheran
Ultramarine Model

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Sevastus Acheran is the current Captain of the Ultramarines Chapter's 2nd Company. Acheran was originally an officer serving under Cato Sicarius in the 2nd Company. However, he became the Captain of the Company after Sicarius was lost to the Warp early in the Indomitus Crusade, due to the formation of the Great Rift.

One of his notable actions was leading the attack on the Black Legion held world of Nemendghast, during the War of Beasts. Despite being badly outnumbered by the Black Legion forces during the Nemendghast Raid, Acheran refused to leave and instead ordered an attack to destroy the world's Daemonic factories. When the orbiting Chaos fleet became alerted to his attack, the crew of the Captain's Strike Cruiser, Carpatia, warned Acheran of the fleet.

The Captain led the remnants of his forces in a final attack that destroyed the Daemon factories, but by then they were swarmed by the Black Legion. Acheran knew they could not break free from the Traitors and instead ordered the Vanguard LibrarianMaltis, to escape and bring word of what had happened to Chapter Master Calgar.

Captain Acheran would survive, though, and later took part in the defense of the Realm of Ultramar, when it was invaded by the forces of Nurgle. He has led the Second Company to many victories over their foes.

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Painted by: Joshua Dunkerly

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Raffle proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders

The raffle for this item has concluded

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