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Monsterpocalypse is a fast-moving, action-packed battle miniatures game played with detailed hobby miniatures that players assemble and paint to portray the most fearsome giant monsters on Earth! When the battle begins, you’ll command your monster and lead your units into the city to hunt down and destroy your opponent’s monster. Your monster and units each have weapons and abilities that are activated by special dice to help you achieve ultimate victory.

Monsters can increase their power throughout the game by smashing buildings and destroying enemy units. When two monsters fight each other, the results are devastating—they can throw each other across the city, rampage through buildings, and suplex each other into radioactive rubble! The last monster standing wins the game.

This MonPoc Bundle includes all expansions for these two factions. To accompany these fun models, the Bundle also comes with rulebooks, cardstock buildings, maps, stat cards, markers and dozens of dice (standard, action, power, boost).

Join us in thanking James Craig for leading this enormous group of NOCF Consortium artists (listed below) in this unique endeavor.

Painted by James Craig, Guillaume Juneau, Erik Swinson, Greg Zuniga, David Faust Du Sablon, Agatha Dobsz and Benjamin Samuel Carver (Primal Poodle Painting), Dallas Kemp, Chris Suhre, Devonian Maher, Anthony Rodriguez (Pirate Monkey Painting), David Pauwels, and Jordan Lamb.

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1x Gorghadra (Guillaume Juneau)
8x Belchers (James Craig and Greg Zuniga)
2x Crawlers (James Craig and Greg Zuniga))
6x Chompers (Erik Swinson and Agatha Dobosz)
2x Destructomite (Erik Swinson and Agatha Dobosz)
2x Explodohawk (Erik Swinson and Agatha Dobosz)
1x Rogzor (DavidFaustDu Sablon)
1x Harbinger Comet Shard (Dallas Kemp)

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1x Defender X (Chris Suhre)
8x Gtanks (Devonian Maher and David Pauwels)
2x Repair Trucks (Devonian Maher and David Pauwels)
8x Strike Fighters (Anthony Rodriquez and Benjamin Samuel Carver)
2x Rocket Choppers (Anthony Rodriquez and Benjamin Samuel Carver)
1x Sky Sentinel (Jordan Lamb)
1x G.U.A.R.D. Defense Base (Dallas Kemp)

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Proceeds will benefit Fisher House Foundation

The raffle for this item has concluded