Warmachine – Cygnar – Stryker’s Irregulars

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When asked to build the 2017 Warmachine army for the NOCF, it was immediately clear away that Cygnar was the way to go. Not only are they a force that is always sitting near the top of the gaming meta, they really are the traditional protagonist “heroes” and the most instantly recognizable force in the Warmachine world.  With that in mind, a group of the most popular and recognized award winning painters in the WarmaHordes community were gathered to make it incredible. We also made sure to include a couple of painters who are known for their commission work in case the winner decides they wish to expand the army and still maintain the level of excellence in painting! These painters include Mat DiPietro, Privateer Press studio painter for a decade, and Sam Lenz, winner of the 2015 P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition, held at GenCon each year.

This is a full, 75-point army ready to play. None other than Marc Andre LeBlanc from the Canadian WTC team – arguably one of the best players in the world – devised the list so that it has synergies that will make it punishing for your opponents but with enough variety so that it is also an absolute blast to play!

The army contains the following (and the artists are listed in parentheses):


  • Lord Commander Stryker (Sam Lenz)


  • Centurion Heavy Warjack (James Craig)
  • Firefly Light Warjack (David Pauwels)
  • Thorn Light Warjack Pod (Ben Carver)


  • Gun Mage Captain Adept (Guillaume Juneau) Journeyman Warcaster (Variant) (Ben Carver)
  • Major Katherine Laddermore (Sam Lenz) Squire (James Craig)
  • Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord (Will Richardson)
  • Ragman (Will Richardson)
  • Major Harrison Gibbs (Matt DiPietro)


  • Storm Lances (Chris ˜Jawaballs” Dubuque)
  • The Black 13th Strike Force (Guillaume Juneau)

This load out means it is going to be absolutely vicious in the hands of a Veteran players and yet flexible and forgiving enough for new players. Awesome.



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