Winner: Michael Stevens of Cadillac, MI, USA

2018 FALL ARMY: Dark Age Forsaken St. Isaac Army

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St. Isaac, of the Forsaken faction, is a technological wunderkind in a world sorely lacking in those with the vision to bring the old technology back to life. Training those with any aptitude to program the various battle automata in his force, Isaac leads a fast-moving wall of steel and ceramic composites into battle.

This army is a great starting collection for any player new to Dark Age, providing a number of options for the standard 500-750 pt games.

Our thanks to Richard Rush, joining us for his first year supporting the NOCF.

Painted by Richard Rush


1x St Isaac (in Ajax’s Might)
1x St Isaac
1x Prometheus
4x Centipedes
5x Controllers

    Also Includes:

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