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A Charity Army of the Penny Arcade Collaboration Effort

Built by a combined force of hobbyists associated with the Penny Arcade forum, the Deathwatch Army has been donated to the NOCF with the request that it be raffled as a fundraiser for Child’s Play Charity. Forty pages of forum posts followed this army from musings on a “general 40K” thread to each model being painted by a different person over the course of a year, culminating in the most recent post which announced, “The army is in the care of the Nova Open Charitable Foundation. . . .” The handler, who wishes to remain anonymous, recognized that a lot of people had given of themselves to create this Deathwatch Army, and it had a lot to give back to the community. A staff member of the NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention, Martin Bagley, has agreed to take on the task of repairing and restoring this army to its original grandeur over the next few weeks.

ARMY #4: Deathwatch Army List

  • Can be played at 1850 or 2000; at 1850 if one of the terminators gets left behind.
  • List Can be Found at Penny Arcade forum HERE

James Laird – Xario Darkfang

Brian Dewherst – Vindicare Assassin

Eric Lee – Venerable Brother Lotius

@nealneal – Agrippa Lucilius of the Ultramarines
@Valhalla130 – Drusus Gaul from the Imperial fists
@Dr_keenbean – Värmod of the Space Wolves
@Dayspring – Griffin of the Iron Hands
“AbesolutZERO” – Rook Siegfried of the Blood Ravens
@Eldercat – Cattus The Elder of the Dark Angels
@Sharp101 – Argos of the Salamanders
@ogotai – Ogotai of the Black Templar
@The Paradox pope – Lanzus the Black Shield
Taylor Pahls – Ginarious of the Minotaurs

@Custom special – Brutus Tiberius IV of the Ultramarines
@Saluksic – Marte Garrido of the Blood Ravens
@Chrysis – Chrysistophf of the Exorcists
@Ken O – Hieronymus Keeno of the Salamanders
@Koreg – Keurig of the Scythes of the Emperor
@J – Jaysis of the Angels of Absolution
@Altmann – Alius Vir of the Space Wolves

Zach McCarthy – Horatio Caedo of the Raven Guard
@Anon the Felon and “Bonzai” – Reus of the Dark Angels
@Leper – Sonoros of the Star Phantoms
@Denada – Denadus of the White Scars
@Halos Nach Tariff – Halos of the Blood Angels
@Corporate logo – Corpulos the Iconic of the Flesh Tearers
@Mago – Mago Maximus of the Space Sharks
@The Paradox pope – Kamir of the Red Scorpions
@‌Nealneal Aldric of the Black Templar
Jody Fabre – Bodvulf of the Space Wolves

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