Army: The Lightish Red … aka Pink (2013)

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Charity Army Painted & Donated by NOVA Open Warmachine/Horde Event Coordinator, Brendon Caulkins

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35 Point Khador Army


  • Butcher1
  •    Juggernaut
  •    Juggernaut
  •    Kodiak
  •    War Dog
  • Man-o-War Shocktroopers Unit (Min)
  • Man-o-War Demolition Corp Unit (Min)
  • Manhunter Solo (x2)
  • Yuri the Axe


This adheres to one of the “Theme Lists” that Privateer does. Because of this, the Shocktroopers are 1 pt cheaper, and both Man-O-War units get +2 inches of speed on the first turn. In addition, the three warjacks Advanced Deploy (they deploy after the bulk of the opponent’s forces), and the solos (War Dog, Manhunters and Yuri) re-deploy, so they get to change position just before the game starts. In short, the army bypasses most of the deployment stage, letting you dictate the matchups. The faction’s greatest weakness is it’s speed, but this is heavily mitigated by the extra 6″ the Warjacks get, and the extra 2″ the Man-o-War get on the first turn. It’s a very brutal list, and lots of fun to play because it’s fast, high armored, and deadly in melee, but has zero guns!
The army also comes with Sorscha1, and the two Juggernauts have their weapons magnetized, and you can swap one of them over to a Destroyer, giving you the standard Starter Box

Lightish Red Army Case_no_watermark_medium

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No items found
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