Collection: Malifaux 7! (2015)

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A Charity Collection Built & Painted by Stiff Neck Studios’ Painters

The Nova Open Charity Foundation is pleased to add another game to its growing list of charity raffle items in the form of the Wild West/Victorian Horror game, Malifaux. This 7-Crew Collection is brought to the community by Stiff Neck Studio, once again leading the support for tabletop wargamers in support of charitable causes! The proceeds of this raffle will support Fisher House Foundation.

Wyrd Games, parent company of Malifaux, donated all models for this unique raffle.  Capt. Wes Cogdal, owner and lead artist of Stiff Neck Studio, worked with his studio of artists to create seven Malifaux crews for seven lucky winners in this year’s charity raffles.

As with the other raffles, winnings will be shipped worldwide (though you can take them with you from the NOVA if you attend). Drawings will be performed during the NOVA final award ceremony ON September 6. . Also as with the other raffles, KR MultiCase has generously donated a foam-included carrying case for each crew!

Here’s how it will work:  In the order in which they are drawn, winners will receive one of the following 7 different Malifaux Crews (which may include a few additional fun items):

Crew #1:  The Bayou Boss (Som’er Teeth Jones Crew) + Merris LaCroixCrew #1 - Bayou Boss (Som'er Teeth Jones Crew) + Merris LaCroixCrew #2 – The Thunder (Misaki Crew) + 2 Katanaka Snipers Misaki Crew
Crew #2a - Two Katanaka Snipers
Crew #3 – The Miners and Steamfitters Union (Ramos Crew)The Miners and Steamfitters UnionCrew #4 – Hide and Seek (Dreamer Crew) Crew #4 - Hide & Seek (Dreamer CrewA)

Crew #5 – Salvage and Logistics (Leviticus Crew) + Rogue Necromancy Salvage and LogisticsCrew #5a - Rogue Necromancy
Crew #6 – Herald of Obliteration (Tara Crew)
Herald of ObliterationCrew #7 – The Guild’s Justice (Lady Justice Crew) Guild's Justice
Malifaux: The History

In 1787, a coalition of the world’s greatest magicians gathered together and tore a hole in the very fabric of reality. This tear, this Breach, was ninety feet in length and sixty feet high. On the other side was a large city, eerily abandoned seemingly without struggle. Within the city was a new, strange substance called Soulstone: white stones that could amplify magic, replenished if brought close to a dying person. Man’s expansion into this city, named Malifaux, was slowed, but not halted by creatures referred to as the Neverborn.

One winter, a terrible blizzard came and began to weaken the Breach. Magicians, desperate to save what they perceived as the salvation of magic, did what they could but it was inevitable: the Breach would soon vanish. What’s more, attempts to cross through the Breach were rebuffed, as if an invisible force was barring entry. All the while, the sounds of a horrible battle were heard from Malifaux’s side of the Breach, although nothing could be seen through the choking smoke. Before the Breach slammed shut, a mangled body flew through, and on it was crudely carved the word: “ours.”

Exactly one century later, down to the exact minute, the Breach opened once again. While the signs of battle seemed recent, there were no bodies to be found. Given the extreme loss of magical talent when last the Breach closed, colonization was carried out in a different manner this time through. Criminals Earthside were given an option: serve a sentence on Malifaux and possibly earn freedom through hard labor, or stay Earthside and serve their standard sentence there.

We stand four years past the re-opening of the Breach. The Neverborn threat has risen again, seeking to devour an unsuspecting humanity. The Resurrectionists have resurfaced, performing their grotesque arts in Malifaux where they could not on Earth. Gremlins, growing increasingly intelligent and vicious, are closing in on the border territories. And throughout all of this, everyone in Malifaux can feel the city itself waiting—seemingly, as bad as things are, they’re about to get a whole lot worse.



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