Army: Alaitoc Eldar (2015)

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A Charity Army Built & Painted by the NOCF Artist Consortium of 2015

Full ArmyThe Alaitoc Eldar

“We move like ghosts across a galaxy that was once ours. Silently we walk upon the ruins of cities and across the bones of worlds, our every kill a reminder to our enemies that though our light grows dim, the Eldar will have their vengeance.” — Illic Nightspear

The Eldar of Craftworld Alaitoc are known for being among the most influential Eldar, sending out agents to act as eyes and ears across the galaxy. This makes the Alaitoc among the most knowledgeable forces in the 41st millennium, although they aren’t eager to share their information with anyone, shunning contact with those races they deem “inferior.”

Even for Eldar society, the Alaitoc are highly structured. While this is the presented tradition, the younger generations of Eldar are growing increasingly dissatisfied. To this end, Craftworld Alaitoc has produced a number of world-roaming Rangers, called Starstriders. While outcast from the Eldar as a whole, they continue to take up arms in the name of Craftworld Alaitoc.

Facing the Alaitoc upon their Craftworld is a daunting task, to say the least. While the Alaitoc regularly prefer misdirection and guile to brute force, their ability to inflict damage cannot be underestimated. Fielding psychic heavy-hitters, such as their array of Farseers, Spiritseers, and Warlords, they strike fear into the hearts of all invaders. If the might of the mind is insufficient, then the Alaitoc have heavier weapons in the form of Wave Serpent and Falcon Grav Tanks, as well as their traditional Wraithguard and Wraightknights. Even their standard Fire Drgaons and Dire Avengers would be fighting with increased desperation—this isn’t just territory they’re fighting for…it’s the closest thing they have to a homeworld.


2000 Point Base Army, with a lot of flexibility up and down:  ALAITOC ARMY LIST

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