30K Charity Special of Horus Heresy “Burning of Prospero”
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There are many special highlights everyone should know about this HOT new offer from the NOCF Artist Consortium:

  • The entire Burning of Prospero Horus Heresy Boxed Game Set is included:
    Burning of Prospero Background in a 16-page story book
    32-page Rulebook
    15 Psychic Power Cards
    5 Double Sided Board Tiles Representing the Buildings of Prospero
    36 Warp Energy and Willpower Cards
    24 Dice – an assortment of D6, D8, D10 and D12’s
  • All 47 models have been painted, photographed and posted on our website
  • Gorgeous!! These models have been painted by eight members of our talented Consortium who, combined, have won 4 Slayer Swords, 70 Golden Demon awards, and 15 Crystal Brush awards in their many years of painting.
  • This short 27-day online raffle will end with the winner being drawn at the 2017 LAS VEGAS OPEN on Sunday, February 5, 2017 at 3:00pm PST. Many thanks to Frankie and Reece for the invitation and support!
  • The online raffle of this extremely popular game set comes with tremendous odds for all those who wish to participate – only 1000 tickets will be sold! If every participant purchased just two tickets, the winner’s chances would be 1:500 . . . Winning at Las Vegas has never been this easy!
  • .95 cents of every dollar raised in this raffle will go directly to Doctors Without Borders.
  • We are once again grateful to KR Multicase for once again stepping up to provide the foam and transport case for this models and game accessories for this NOCF offer. They never let us down!
  • TNT Laserworks, another returning sponsor of NOCF raffles, is providing this Burning of Prospero offer with standard 30K Thousand Sons and 30K Space Wolves templates which will be included for the winner.
  • As always, with our online raffles, you need not be present to win; we will ship to the winner anywhere in the world. If you are attending LVO, however, you will have the distinct advantage of seeing this excellent production of “Burning of Prospero” live and in person!


Winner Drawn at LVO on Sunday, February 5, 2017, at 3pm PST
(need not be present to win; NOCF will ship worldwide)

Proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders.