Blood & HonorWork in Progress Photos and Links Provided Below for The Macragge Project Ultramarine Army
Blood & Honor: The Defense of Macragge

July 21, 2014:
Brian Ballard > Three Storm Talons get under way
Storm Talon Factory Webpic

July 20, 2014:
Marc Raley > Thunderfire Cannon > Marc has been working on a pair of Thunderfire Cannons for the NOCF Macragge project  – specifically, the Ultramarine army, “Blood & Honor: Defense of Macragge.”  He shares, “The guns are almost complete. Techmarines are base-coated. Here is a quick progress shot from the workbench. More photos to come soon!
Thunderfire Cannon First Look

July 20, 2014:
John Stiening > Repainting a Dave Taylor Masterpiece > Part I of this special edition add-on for Blood & Honor.  Click on the above link to read the full article.
Stiening 2 of 5 Web Stiening 3 of 5 Web Stiening 1 of 5 Web Stiening 4 of 5 Web Stiening 5 of 5 Web

July 16, 2014:
Justin “misterjustin” McCoy > Helloooo, Marneus ~ and his Honour Guard, too!  We’re told these awesome models are shipping.  We move closer to bringing the entire army together for its first photoshoot!
Hello Marneus - Web Size Marneus & His Guard

July 16, 2014:
Martin Jones > Tactical Squad Complete!
Tactical Squad

July 15, 2014:
Dave Taylor > Surprise Add On . . . Land Raider Taking Home the Trophy!
Website Photo

July 14, 2014:
Dave Taylor > Welcome the Centurion Devastator Squad!Taylor Centurion Squad

July 14, 2014:
Aaron Lovejoy > Tigurius, in all his glory, joins the Battle of Macragge!
For website

July 11, 2014:
Celso Mendez > Celso’s Tactical Squad is finished and in the mail!
IMG_4581 IMG_4582 IMG_4584

July 3, 2014:
Lester Bursley > Dropping in an Awesome Drop Pod!
drop pod closed drop pod open

June 30, 2014:
Chris Dubuque > Jawaballs, Blood Angels > Getting Under Way

 June 29, 2014:
Neil Szabo:  almost perftec.blogspot > and they have arrived!

Sgt. Telion and ScoutsIMG_9676

 June 25, 2014:
Neil Szabo: Check out how awesome they look now that they are finished!neil2


June 21, 2014:
Dan Withers:
For Webpage


June 18, 2014:
Dave Taylor:
Dave talks about the progress he has made on his Centurions, Ultramarines, and Tyranids.
Centurion 1 June 18 Centurion 2 June 18


June 5, 2014:
Celso Mendez: Celso is mostly done with his Tactical Squad, with only basing and details standing between him and completion! Follow finishing touches on Facebook. You can also check out his BLOGSPOT.
Mendez Tacticals


June 3, 2014:
Justin “misterjustin” McCoy > Secret Weapon Miniatures > Justin talks about his excitement on working with NOVA on Marneus Calgar & Honor Guard.
Marneus First Shots 2


May 27, 2014:
Neil Szabo: In the beginning . . .
“I started the process with John’s awesome Ultramarine’s Blue armour and air brushed that on. Then I began to fill in details like faces and eyes first. I like to start with the faces firs as that is where a person’s attention is naturally drawn to on a model anyway. Next I moved on the doing the leather gold and metal. The gold and leather turned out quite well and I’m rather pleased with how simple they were too. The remainder of the details like lenses, ropes and insignia were done next. In the future I’ll be working on the fatigues and cloaks, but first I want to paint up the lovely bases from Mr Justin so that I can decide what color tones to use on the scouts cloaks 😉 The last step will be to revisit the armour for final highlights and weathering.”

GreenLenses Scout2Leather&Gold SniperScout2Gun&Gold


May 20, 2014:
John Steining:  Imperial Knight Early Photos &Video of Lights in Action (scroll down for video) >
40K Hobby BlogImperial Video


May 17, 2014:
John Steining:  Imperial Knight List Test > 40K Hobby Blog
Testing lights on Imperial Knight


May 15, 2014:
Chris Dubuque:  Presenting the WIP Tour on YouTube > Blood & Honor Part I
Jawaballs talks about his excitement for being a part of the charity army build
From the Beginning Jawaballs


April 14, 2014:
John Steining:  Ultramarine Painting Tutorial > 40K Hobby BlogUltramarine Blue