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The Adeptus Custodes are almost an army of legends to the citizens of the Imperium. Only the finest of the Emperor's soldiers can join their ranks. They are the elite of the elite, and the bodyguards of the Emperor himself on Terra, the last line of defense should the unthinkable happen and the enemy reach the Emperor's palace. Great numbers of them fight in the Webway beyond the Golden Throne, preventing countless Daemons of Chaos from breaking through to drown Terra with their numbers.

The Imperium is now in dire need. The Daemon Primarchs Mortarion and Magnus have returned, and Chaos is splitting the galaxy in two. Abaddon and his Black Legion leave planets burning in their wake, and there is only so much that can be done to stop him. Hordes of Orks run their brutal Waagh! through entire star systems, and the biomass of the Tyranids swallows planet after planet. Even the Eldar and the T'au cannot fully be trusted. The Custodes are needed.

When the Imperium sends these elite soldiers, the enemy is especially powerful or numerous. Resplendent in their aurumite power armour and ancient weapons, among the first to be sent, are the Vanguards of Terra. Their sole purpose is to stop the enemy in their tracks, relying on their experience and skill to prevent any of the enemies of the Imperium from gaining too great a foothold. Because of this, the full might of the Imperium can be brought upon the foul foes, and crush them.

Join us in thanking Keith Rudis, a veteran of the NOCF Artists’ Consortium for many years.

Painted by Keith Rudis (Mad Hatter Miniatures)


1x Land Raider
6x Vertus Praetor Jetbikes w/lances
4x Custodian Guard w/sword and shield
1x Custodian Guard w/banner pile
5x Custodian Wardens
3x Allarus Custodians w/castellan axe

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The raffle for this item has concluded

Go to Defense of Terra for details about the entire bundle