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A Charity Army by Stiff Neck Studios/Capt. Wesley Cogdal, USArmy

Visit WIP > Man Eaters of the Great Maw for Completed Army Pictures!

Stiff Neck Studio, under the leadership of Capt. Wesley Cogdal, is once again donating an exceptional army for the NOCF charity raffles. This year, they are expanding our army range to include the first NOCF Fantasy army, lovingly entitled “Man Eaters of the Great Maw!” The NOCF proudly donated funds from last year’s Stiff Neck Studio army to The Fisher House Foundation, and we hope the Compassionate Force will come together in 2014 to double those funds for this charity.


Fantasy Ogre Kingdom List

    • 1 Ogre Tyrant with Two-Handled Weapon
    • 1 Ogre Battle Standard
    • 5 Ogre Bullz
    • 1 Ogre Bull Standard Bearer
    • 4 Ogre Iron Gutz
    • 4 Lead Belchers
    • 1 Hunter Riding a Stonehorn
    • 1 Iron Blaster


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No items found
Raffle proceeds will benefit

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