Winner: Darren Gibbons of Maidstone, Kent, UK

2018 FALL MODEL: 40K Nurgle Chaos Knight

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The Questor Traitoris, also known as Renegade Knights or Daemon Knights, are Imperial Knight combat walkers, their Noble pilots and Knight Houses corrupted to the service of Chaos. Humanoid war engines that tower over their foes, each Renegade Knight carries an army's worth of firepower upon its weaponized limbs and hulking carapace.

At close quarters, their roaring Avenger Gatling Cannons and slicing Reaper Scythe destroy what their trampling feet cannot, scattering terrified survivors before their unstoppable advance. The ground shudders beneath the godlike tread of the Renegade Knights. Even one such looming war engine possesses the firepower to annihilate entire regiments of enemy warriors, pick apart armoured columns, and swat squadrons of aircraft from the skies. Chaos Lords and rebellious demagogues will go to great lengths to secure the services of such a lone warrior, sacrificing whatever they must to ensure that this god of destruction fights at their side.

This mighty renegade war machine has been converted using parts from Taro Modelmaker (Etsy) and Gadgets Plus (Shapeways). It also includes at least 16 LEDs creating no less than five separate effects and would make a great addition to any existing Chaos collection.

Our thanks to Joe Johnson, who is back for his sixth year supporting the NOCF.

Painted by Joe Johnson


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