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2018 FALL ARMY: FOW Mid-War Italian Tank Company

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In the mid-stages of WWII, the Italians and the Germans fought fiercely against the Allies in the desert of North Africa. Tank companies rolled across the undulating dunes like fleets of battleships on the open ocean, and a new approach to warfare was forged under the blistering heat of the desert sun.

This 4th Edition tank-heavy army is a great starting force for any player new to Flames of War, and also makes a great addition to any existing Axis or Mid-War collection.

Our thanks to Steve McCuen, who is returning for his fifth year as part of the NOCF Artist Consortium.

Painted by Steve McCuen


HQ 1 M14/41 Tank 2pts.
Tank Platoon 5 M14/41 Tanks 12pts.
Tank Platoon 5 M14/41 Tanks 12pts.
Tank Platoon 4 M14/41 Tanks 9pts.

Semovente Battery - 4 Semovente SPG 16pts.
Bersaglieri Rifle Platoon - 8 Rifle/MG Teams 9pts.
AB41 Armoured Car Platoon - 3 AB41s 3pts.
L6/40 Light Tank Platoon - 4 L6/40s 4pts.
90mm Lancia AT Battery - 2 Guns 12pts.
German PzIII Platoon - 3 @ Long 5cm 21pts.

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