““The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is doing a wonderful job bringing gaming enthusiast together to support charitable causes and have a great time. I am proud to be supporting the gaming community and such a notable cause. In addition to running Stiff Neck Studio, I have served as a soldier in the U.S. Army for 12 years and been in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  I decided to support Fisher House through the charitable army raffle because it helps wounded soldiers and their families. Warhammer is a very popular game amongst the military community and I am proud to support my fellow soldiers in a hobby that builds long lasting relationships. Redemption of the Fallen Necron army in 2013 and Maneaters of the Great Maw in 2014 raised thousands of dollars for Fisher House Foundation, thanks to Wes Cogdal.  He has also provided Forge World models for onsite raffles at the NOVA Open since 2012.

Wes Cogdal, Stiffneck Studio CEO – Donated Armies since 2013