Past Raffles 2017

The Burning of Prospero

CMON Dark Age > Path to Glory!

 CMON Wrath of Kings > Goritsi Werewolf Specialists

Star Wars Destiny Charity Collection

 WH 30K Horus Heresy > Sons of Horus, Speartip of the Warmaster

WH 30K Mechanicum > Hammer of the Omnissiah

WH 40K Necrons > The Golden Dynasty

Blood Bowl > Game Set & Pitch

Fantasy Flight Games > X-Wing, Organa’s Angels

Flames of War > Monty’s Desert Rats

Flames of War > Rommel’s Afrika Korps

Guild Ball New Release > The Farmers’ Guild

Warmachine Cygnar > Stryker’s Irregulars

WH 40K > The Deathwatch

2017 Models